December 26, 2015

Review: The Cortado

A friend of mine first introduced me to The Cortado, saying that there is a cool coffee shop around Binus area. If you are Binusians, like me, the information will sound doubtful. Well, not that I am underestimating my campus area, but Binus is mostly full with (the best) low-budget restaurants as it is full of college students.

As I am very well familiar with the area, finding a comfortable hangout place along Syahdan Street is quite surprising. You won’t be able to spot the coffee shop right away as it is placed on the second floor. (Yap, minus one!) When I first got to The Cortado, I was confused cause I didn’t see anything but a staircase leading to the second floor. There is no chance a car can park in front of the cafĂ©- I repeat, no chance. I suggest you to park your car at Binus’s parking area.

Okay, taraaaaa…. Welcome to The Cortado!

Surprisingly, the place is pretty cool. It has a large space with numbers of table. There are regular tables with regular chairs, some bar tables, and some tiny tables with sofas. There is also a special room for you dear smokers (sarcasm tone is strong here!). I love the ambience, it’s very cozy and comfortable- totally a good place to spend hours chitty-chatting with your friends. Another lovely thing, it has a superb fast wifi network.

The waitresses are nice. They greet you when you come in and open the door when you leave. Unfortunately, they tend to consider that you are done with your meals. One time they asked to clean up my drink when the glass was still quarterly full. Another time they asked to clean up my meal when there were still some pieces left. Too excited huh?

And here comes the menu…

As you can see, the price is considered cheap. All prices are inclusive of tax and service charge. There are some beverages available, as well as appetizers, main courses and deserts. But don’t expect too much, alright? They are so-so. Again and again, stick with the light meals. I have tried The Cortado’s Nasi goreng steak, Hamburger Steak and Spaghetti, Chicken wings BBQ sauce, Chicken karage with rice BBQ sauce, Fruitty pancake and Nutella Coco-crunch waffle. Which one is my favorite? Umm… try the one with the BBQ sauce!

The Cortado
Open 10am to 12pm
Jalan KH Syahdan No.36 Lt.2
Palmerah, Jakarta Barat, 11480.
Instagram: @the.cortado

Rate: 9/10

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