July 27, 2014

Re- Start

... I've been ignoring my blog for more than a year...


Several days ago, I was at my office when my brain suddenly decided to remember about this blog. So I was like... OMG, yea! I do have a blog! I used to write a lot of things and I used to have readers and ... I stopped! 

I used to love to write and I don't know what happened, I just stopped. But now I kinda want to restart what I used to do for quite long time. You might notice that I've changed my blog name from cuapcuapea to marisatheadella and I've deleted my previous posts. I did that so then this blog will be my completely new blog. I haven't decided what I will write, YET!, but I will, SOON!

I am currently at the airport right now- heading back home to celebrate Idul Fitri with my family.

Eid Mubarak everyone! May you have a nice one!


  1. Saya suka baca blognya kakak.kenapa dihapus yang sebelumnya?suka sekali semuanya.