January 16, 2015

Nanoblock : Space Center

Hi! So here I am with my toy again- you can tell that I really got myself into this. This time it's Nanoblock Space Center edition. Please enjoy!

There are four main parts of the Nanoblock Space Center. The first part is the External Tank as shown below:

The second part is the Orbiter- which is the easiest part for me.

Now here is the Solid Rocket Boosters. There are two of these so you have to struggle even longer. The tiny-mini parts are tiring.

The launching pad is hard as well. Working with single nano block is taking a lot of energy and patient. But it is fun, beyond fun! Beyond 'Lego' kinda fun. Hehe

DONE! All you gotta do now is dance ... and combine all four parts together. First, combine the external tank to orbiter. Then stick the solid rocket boosters to its sides. Finally, you just have to -carefully, put it to the launching pad.

I got mine at Books and Beyond Pacific Place, Jakarta. It costs me 259,900IDR.

Please go get one! ;)

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