April 23, 2015

Review: Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Well.. Uh.. Let me put this straight. The book that I am going to review today was originally published online as a fan fiction of Twilight, though to me this book is more like the fan fiction of Fifty Shades of Grey, which is the fan fiction (as well) of Twilight. Yap.

The term Beautiful Bastard refers to Bennett Ryan, a horrible-demanding-yet attractive boss of Chloe Mills. Chloe had worked for Ryan Media Group for six years. When the youngest son of Elliot Ryan returned to Chicago from France, he nicely asked Chloe to ‘handle’ his son. Turns out, Bennett is a perfectionist bastard that set up a high standard for all of his workers. However, Chloe managed to keep up with him for the last nine months. She needs to stay. No. She has to stay. Chloe is currently undertaking her MBA and she needs to present in-world experience to the JT Miller scholarship board. And for some magical reasons, Bennett offered her the marketing plan for the multibillionaire land developer, which is the biggest project than anything her friends are working on.

Bennett turns the table one night when he asks Chloe to work overtime to give an impromptu speech on the account she is working on. It turns to be a sexual encounter- the first of many I would say. Chloe was shocked by the fact that she couldn’t resist Bennett the way she wanted herself to. Despite vows from each of them that the affair will not continue, Bennett and Chloe keep doing whatever they are doing within the office and some other places. They both aware of the fact that their feelings to each other are more than just sex.

Chloe, naturally as a woman, overthinks her relationship with Bennett. She is afraid that their sexual relationship will jeopardize her career. People might think of her as a career-climbing whore. But as I told you, she is incapable of leaving Bennett. Their relationship grows when the two go to San Diego for business trip. Bennett keeps on saying ‘just one night’ but he ended up staying at Chloe’s room for the entire trip. He confesses that he wants more. He confesses that he fell in love. He succeeded in letting Chloe believes that their relationship will work.

But as if it’s too good to be true, Chloe overhears Bennett who is taking the credit for her successful presentation. The day after their return to Chicago, Chloe submits her resignation letter to the company. This, for sure, freaks Bennett out. He breaks for not hearing anything from Chloe two months long. On the other hand, Chloe manages to get another job- smaller but maybe good enough to finish her MBA. But of course Bennett shows up at the official presentation day, surprisingly brings a ready-to-serve presentation containing the marketing plan for the multibillionaire marketing plan she had been working on. Chloe attempted to reject the offer, but smart enough to take it. That appears to be the end of the story in which they are resuming their relationship.

I would say that the story reminds me a lot to the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Bennett is a young, incredibly attractive CEO just like Christian. The two like to play rough- while Bennett likes to rip off Chloe’s panties; Christian loves to take Anna to his playroom. Their characters are cold and dominating. Chloe, on the other hand, is a young, innocent and brave interesting woman- doesn’t it sound like Anna? She likes to bite her lips and overthinks too much- Anna again! I even noticed some similar plots such when Chloe was invited to Bennett’s parent’s place and the two make out or when they were trapped in the elevator. Oh well, what do you expect, right? It’s a fan fiction after all.

But I do admit that some parts in this book make more sense than those in Fifty Shades Trilogy. For example, Bennett is being smart enough to cover the CCTV when the two make out in the elevator because.. of course you would realize about the CCTV, right?! I would expect Christian to be smart enough to notice that. Or the fact that Bennett and Chloe have known each other for more than nine months before their relationship changed, not like Anna and Christian who seem like they are sprinting with the time. Oh and what’s more is that you won’t find unnecessary thesaurus word, such as medulla oblongata, within the Beautiful Bastard.

The book is written by Christina and Lauren in light and easy language. They use the perspectives of Chloe and Bennett, which is actually seems wrong to me. The way they tell the story in Bennett’s perspective is still too feminine. I am not sure that man would actually think that way- I mean, it sounds more like a woman. I think it would be best if they keep the story in Chloe’s perspective or even in third person’s perspective. I figured the book has two sequels; Beautiful Stranger and Beautiful Player. I don’t know whether I am going to buy it or not- well, I’ve had enough. It’s not that the book is bad- no, I kinda enjoyed reading it- but to read another fan fiction story? Uh… I am not sure.

Rate: 8/10

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